“You can’t make a difference, until you know YOUR difference.”
– Patricia Noel Drain

Within these programs, you will begin to understand who you are, discover what your passion is and uncover your “inner core” to unlock your full potential and live the life you are meant to live.

Don’t let the fruits of your life shrivel and waste away without knowing your full potential. Take a bite and discover what lies within… discover your true passion!

Patricia Noel Drain helps clients discover and share their “core-message.” She assists with guiding them to produce a profitable portfolio of products, presentations and programs.

Patricia is an award-winning business owner, public speaker and one of the most respected business coaches in the country. Her systems, encourage business owners to generate the income they deserve, with information they ALREADY know.  She provides the tools and support necessary for her clients to live the lifestyle they choose. Patricia’s products have elevated her clients game to the next level.


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Once you find your core gifts, talents, skills that came with you into this world, and you learn to monetize those skills, then you will never work another day in your life. 

Discovering Your Core Starter Kit    $47

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I learned more about myself at the REINVENTION CONVENTION that I didn’t even know was possible.


If you really want to make a difference, come to the REINVENTION CONVENTION. I promise you will have a plan to do so.


The REINVENTION CONVENTION was a real eye-opener for me, I had no idea of all of my possibilities


I can’t wait until the next REINVENTION CONVENTION to discover what I am going to do next.


About Patricia

Patricia Noel Drain is a business mentor, speaker and author.  Her newest book,  DISCOVERING YOUR CORE will help thousands discover the difference they were put here to make.

Patricia leads a thriving ongoing LIVE full year program  called LET’S MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY.  It is a program with like minded people who want to do more with their lives.  In the program she shares the tools, and knowledge necessary for each of us to make OUR difference.  She also enjoys her private facebook group with the same name.

Her LIVE event THE REINVENTION CONVENTION meets  in the Fall and  the Spring.  She feels if we are not re-purposing, reinventing, restructuring, reassessing we are not growing.  This event is for people who are on the cutting edge of life.

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